Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Worst Mojito ever

Wow, now I've experienced the worst Mojito ever. At the Fitzroy Spanish Festival. Disappointment!
What's really bad is I can't remember the name of the bar to warn people. A pub on the corner of Johnston and Brunswick- actually really good fun- full as you'd expect at festival time- great music, good mixed crowd.
But the mojito was made with dark rum, a slice of lime- not big chunks- and the most pathetic sprig of mint you've ever seen. And sugar syrup, instead of raw sugar. Undrinkable and most definitively the worst mojito I've ever tasted.
Understandable if they'd have had 20 cocktails on the list, but for the Spanish festival, they had a total of 4 cocktails on offer. Pathetic!
In will find out what the place was called to name and shame!

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