Sunday, November 2, 2008

Breakfast at Sweethearts

263 Coventry StSouth Melbourne, VIC 3205(03) 9690 6752

Don't expect to just walk in off the street- you know the breakfast has to be good where you have to book a table! We were lucky this Sunday and got an outside table with no booking - made my day thats for sure!
Their selection of slightly unusual breakies are brilliant- I had the Mexican eggs- 2 perfectly poached eggs on toasted muffins, with delicious chilli beans, sausage and avocado. To soak up some of the egg I got one of thier roesti as well- mmm deep fried, potato obviously shredded on the premises- these are not even vaguely related to those deepfried hashbrowns most places now seem to rely on. Divine!
My niece had the Mediteranean- eggs on polenta with pesto- slightly imaginative, but not too 0ut there and absolutely delicious!
Coffee is great and the service was really pleasant.
I love this joint!

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