Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Food social networking site- Group Recipes

Oh my goodness,

now there's social networking for foodies:

You can set up your own page, add all your recipes with pictures and look at other people. Recipes are easy to search- but I guess it would just take time to work out which users you could trust! Mostly populated by Anericans by the look- and no offense, but I find my tastebuds are different to US ones and I have had some disappointments from American recipes in the past.
Anyway, a curiosity if nothing else!
Their blurb:
  • Create your own food page
  • Have "Roger" the Recipe Robot (aka Food Prediction Algorithm) learn about your tastes and predict recipes you will like or dislike
  • Show off your personal creations and get feedback as well as honors
  • Meet other foodies (aka food lovers) and see what kind of foods they are into
  • Share & Discover great places to eat in your home town
  • Stem the flow of boredom by using the "Recipe Stumbler" to explore recipes related to your favorite foods. (This is a great feature if you're stuck in the office all day and need to waste as much time as possible.)
  • Explore food by taste, mood, photo, ingredients, uniqueness, rating, and your compatibility
  • Organize your recipe collection with the Recipe Manager
  • Join/Create a Group of like-minded foodies
  • Experiment and collaborate on a dish with other members

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